The eLiberare team is counting the days until we’re leaving! Where? To #FreedomTour, of course!

#FreedomTour is a tour around Romania to raise awareness of human trafficking & sexual exploitation. It will be a 37-days tour, which is almost 896 hours, because we want to honor the number of human trafficking victims of 2013. It starts on September 11th and ends on October 18th, the European day Against Human Trafficking.

lansam-freedomtourWe invite you to follow us on social media networks (we’ll be using the #FreedomTour hashtag for our tour related posts, so we invite you to do the same), and on the official site of the project:

Soon, you will be able to meet the team that will leave on tour, the places we want to meet in and the opportunities you have to get involved in #FreedomTour!

We know what we’ll be doing this autumn! The question is: Will you join us?