The European day Against Human Trafficking

18 OctombrieHuman trafficking is modern day slavery. Even though slavery has been legally abolished in the 19th century, some statistics say that more people are now in slavery than 2 centuries ago. Even if forced labor still exists in Europe and in the developed countries, the main form of exploitation is that of commercial sexual exploitation.

The European day Against Human Trafficking is on October 18th and it is an opportunity to get people’s attention on the matter. The reasons this day was instituted were those of raising public awareness and public motivation to eradicate human trafficking out of their own communities.

We think the responsibility for this phenomenon isn’t just a governmental one. Human trafficking regards the civil society and that’s why we want to motivate you to do something about it. Join those that will be a voice of the oppressed people and that help abolishing human trafficking on October 18th.

#FreedomTour is a countdown to October 18th, 2014. Keep an eye on our website to find out what we will do on that day and how you can get involved!

Also, we’re expecting you on to see the events that will take place in your city!