Who we are?

We are a social movement against human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Romania. We are laser focused on the prevention of human trafficking, equipping people, creating resources, hosting events and by sharing the stories of the true heroes of Romania.

Also, we focus on building a network of resources for professionals that work directly with human trafficking victims, hence focusing on a partnership culture, for we believe that only together with people from the civil society, business, media and administration environments, we can stop the phenomenon of human trafficking. With this purpose, we encourage people and businesses to be socially active, the civil society to be sensitive to the problem of human trafficking and business people to create alternatives for the people at risk.

By equipping people to prevent human trafficking in their own communities, we want to reach the ones at risk, to increase the awareness level about the phenomenon and to inform them about the untold risks that ‘a better life’ can come with.

There are many Romanian organizations active in prevention, many times without realizing it. The eLiberare team wished to solidify this concept among the active organizations and to encourage specific actions, directed towards at-risk populations.

For more details and opportunities to join us in the fight against human trafficking, please visit our web page: www.eliberare.com