We set out for a big adventure in just one week. Myself and a group of young people will spend 37 days traveling across the country to address the issue of human trafficking in Romania.

At first glance, the objective of this project is to raise awareness. This alone is a noble reason, but we think so much more can be accomplished.  We believe so much more will be accomplished in our own lives.  As much as we think we know already, we will learn.  We will learn from the many NGOS we will meet.  We will learn from the staff of the ANITP regional offices.  We will learn from the teachers we meet.  We will learn from the people we meet on the streets.

It’s important that we raise awareness, but it’s even more vital that we inspire people to take action.  For this reason, we will be encouraging people to join the fight against human trafficking in Romania by becoming a Freedom Fighter or “Luptatori pentru Libertate.”  Each month we send out a brief email newsletter to keep people informed and engaged.  We look forward to having 1000s of Freedom Fighters across the country who are passionate about preventing human trafficking and sexual exploitation!  Just imagine being able to rally 100 people in a local community to bless a small organization needing volunteers.  Imagine a new prevention campaign coming to town and instantly being able to contact 200 people who might be interested in helping get the word out!  It’s when we rally together that we can have bigger impact.

Another objective of the #FreedomTour is to expand the network of organizations fighting human trafficking in Romania.  We know there are 100s of organizations or NGOs in Romania who are preventing human trafficking & sexual exploitation.  Many see their work as simply feeding people who are hungry or running an after school program for the youth in their community.  As we come along side them, we want to learn more about their work and make the connection to the issue of human trafficking. True prevention is addressing vulnerabilities and providing alternatives.  Thankfully, there are many people across the country already engaged in this work.

For a quick recap, our (3) key objectives are to:

• Raise awareness.
• Inspire people to take action.
• Network with anti-trafficking NGOs in Romania.

Please consider “following us” on this tour as we post updates on the blog and our Facebook page.  Together, we will reach our objectives.

If you’d like to financially support the #FreedomTour, it’s not too late.