#FreedomTour is in Ploiești, the first city of #FreedomTour.

We can officially say that #FreedomTour is no longer an activity happening in Bucharest, but became a national level activity.

We were glad to see the interest of the people of Ploiesti, the enthusiasm and the curiosity of the older people; all of them want to see this problem solved and, to our surprise, a large number of people said ”NO” to human trafficking, by signing the ”Freedom Fighters” cards.

We appreciated the initiative of a local radio station, that invited us to talk about the issue of human trafficking, informing the confused public and offering hope to the captives that someone, somewhere, is fighting for them to become free.

The purpose was simple: to make people aware of human trafficking, to assure them that these types of slavery still exist, even if they’re not as easily noticeable, and to encourage them to take photos with the ”I am a free person” sign. It symbolizes that we, the people, were born free and we are against any kind of human trafficking, such as forced labor sexual exploitation or organ trafficking.

You can see the photos we took in Ploiesti here or on the eLiberare Facebook page.