We are looking at the number of hours that have passed and I can’t believe we reached 224.. We should celebrate officially completing the first quarter of the tour: 5 cities from the official tour (9 in total), 3 documentaries, 9 workshops, hundreds of photos and a lot of signed declarations. If we were to interpret these numbers, we would get something like this: the discovery of some wonderful and involved people that know they can change their world!

Our day started almost 16 hours ago, but we feel the need to share with you what happened today. Do you know how it is to have a day in which you really feel that you’re alive, that you’re a human being, that you make mistakes, that it is sometimes hard, and in other times beautiful? Today was such a day for us. You know something’s happening when somebody asks you if they could do anything to help your ”face”.. when you can’t pretend, not even in a selfie.. you know things are tough. This morning, everybody was trying to pick himself up and have the work done. It’s not easy to interact with people, especially on a Saturday morning. I mean, where is everybody in a hurry to, in a mall, at 11 am? How can so many people pass by you and be indifferent to such an important and urgent message? Lunch helped a little bit, but the clouds didn’t. The next activity required some driving, so we got to disconnect a little bit. We’d like to say there’s something therapeutic about our van. It’s our safe place, it’s where we laugh at other people’s jokes, we share to bad, the good, and the interesting (that category of things you don’t know if they’re okay or not, or you’re just left speechless).

We got to one of Generație Tânără’s projects. We had some moments when we had to stop and make sure we’re not dreaming. We’ve read about this place, we’ve read the stories of people that find hope here, and we’ve heard of Mariana Petersel. If you have the slightest interest in this domain in Romania, this woman is a legend. Sitting there face to face with her, talking about her experiences and challenges that – as a woman – you have in a leadership position and in an environment filled with trauma was unbelievable. We made new 4 legged friends and also people like us, coming from different countries, with different kind of stories, that somehow intersected with ours. ”Aggravation” is a very paradoxical game… It should be called: ”I will let you get close to your home and then kick you out”. Paradoxical is that the place where people whose fate was anything but gentle, is one where you can find hope, joy and happiness.

From there we left for ”La Căpițe” where Beck Corlan Band delighted our ears and hearts with beautiful music.. The people of Timisoara gave us the hope in humanity back. We saw people waiting in line to get to a charity concert! In the 21st century! In Romania! We found ears ready to hear, hands ready to sign and wallets ready to donate resources to the place we had come from. How can you get tired when you see so many people ready to do good? How can you lose your energy when you have the opportunity to tell others how they can get involved? How can you not laugh knowing that the little mistakes that happen and seem huge will be just jokes the next day?

If we were to sum everything up in a phrase, we’d quote Beck Corlan Band: ”We are here to help people expand their heart’s borders. The best part is that as we motivate others, we feel our own borders expanding. We hope to see this go on! The best it yet to come! It is such an honor to be part of this tour and this team.. We want to thank those who did this project possible: together we’re touching hearts!”

The photos we took in Timisoara can be found here: