#FreedomTour in Cluj

This Saturday we were glad to be in Cluj, at American Corner. With the help of our partners, we were able to enjoy a successful and a slightly different event. To launch the caravan in this location, we had a screening of the Human Trafficking movie.

The library in Cluj held a nocturne, and our public was formed of parents, youth, professors and financial experts. Do not get us wrong: we love interacting with youth, but we enjoyed talking to the people that educate the highschool students during our campaigns. Also, our discussions about the economic and social vulnerabilities have allowed us to show that human trafficking is not an isolated phenomenon!

We would like to show our appreciation towards our partners: the need of a common stand in this area is evident. By covering all the areas of society, we can identify distinct roles that we can all have.

Are you looking for a way to get involved? Go to www.thefreedomtour.ro/en/donate and you can get started.