#FreedomTous is in Oradea, one of the closest cities to the Romanian border with Hungary. It is a small city, but full of art and people that love their city. Here we had the honor and joy to have a good collaboration with the ANITP representatives. They are devoted people, involved in combating human trafficking and aware that this problem is this happening.

These few days we traveled a lot because, at the recommendation of the ANITP agents, we went to several highschool, not only in Oradea, but also in Salonta and Marghita. We started the tour in Bihor county with Salonta, a small but beautiful town, where we went in the central park and gave out informative materials to people and then went to a highschool where the students learned more about human trafficking. They were aware this was happening because they had some trafficking cases in some towns nearby. We then went to ”Mihai Viteazul” highschool in Oradea, where we were welcomed by a large number of students. We showed them video materials and gave them informative brochures. We left towards 1 December Park, the Civic Center of Oradea where we left the #FreedomTour van and went through the city to inform people and invite them to join the ”I am a free person” campaign, by taking a photo with the blue sign. A part of the team stayed in the center, and the other part was invited to a local radio station to discuss the problem of human trafficking. We were impressed by the professionalism and the interest the interviewer prepared the interview with. She had well researched questions and we thank her for that.

After this interview, we met some people that joined the fight against human trafficking and that are locally active, people that care and that are a voice for Oradea. We enjoyed interviewing them and having a nice time together. The 3rd day started with a trip to Marghita, a small town in North of Oradea. We were invited to talk to the students of ”Octavian Goga” highschool. After we showed them how little trust you need to offer a trafficker to risk becoming a victim, we were invited by the headmaster to talk about a collaboration in which not only the 11 andd 12 graders could be informed. He wants that because there were some cases in which highschool students were trafficked and manipulated by transgressors. While one day before we offered people from Oradea flyers, a man invited us to go to Marghita and talk to the disabled people and those who were in orphanages about human trafficking. We took advantage of this opportunity and went. We are glad to see this kind of initiatives and will gladly honor the invitation!

We took photos in Salonta:


and Oradea