The journey of the #FreedomTour continues as we travel across the middle of the country.

After leaving Cluj we stopped by the offices of Ratiu Center for Democracy in Turda, Romania and got to hear more about their anti-trafficking activities. For a number of years, CRD was quite active in the area of human trafficking prevention. Their wisdom was super helpful as we ourselves are always trying to better understand the work that has already been done.

In Alba Iulia, we met up with the local representatives of ANITP in the city center and headed straight to a school assembly event to do a training with 100s of high school & middle school students. In the afternoon, we spent time in near the Citadel as we talked to people and took “Sunt un om Liber” photos. That night we had a prayer service at Biserica Baptista Cetatea and encouraged people in the churches to join the fight against human trafficking in Romania.


Our next stop was Targu Mures. The day started in one of the most beautiful rooms we visited during the tour. We met with local high school students and local media as we presented our curriculum on human trafficking. After lunch we headed over to the local library where we hosted another training and discussion on human trafficking in the local American Corner. That evening part of our team left straight for Brasov while some travelled to a small city near Targu Mures to meet with a local NGO, Phoneo.

We were able to spend a number of days in Brasov. We also visited two smaller communities outside the city, Rupea & Budila. We did presentations in local schools and organizations that work with at-risk youth. Piata Sfatului is a very beautiful part of Brasov. We were able to pull the van right into the Piata and talk to people about human trafficking. Many people took “Sunt un om Liber” photos and proudly took a stand against human trafficking. Our team was also invited to share about human trafficking and the #FreedomTour at a local concert & conference in Brasov. On Sunday morning, we visited Church C3 and then took the rest of the day to relax and enjoy the beautiful city!

After Brasov, we were onto Bacau. The morning started with a presentation to local students at the Casa de Cultura. In the afternoon we visited Betania, an NGO who works with victims of human trafficking. The team at Betania was full of wisdom and experience. In the evening we spent some time with volunteers and youth from another local NGO, Valoare Plus. It was exciting to meet a group of young people already interested in the topic of human trafficking and actively involved in doing something about it. The group from Valoare Plus do activities in the schools and their community to raise awareness of trafficking.

The #FreedomTour is winding down with our last few cities. However our team is still going strong! It’s been an amazing journey and we’re encouraged by the many people we meet who share a heart and passion to see human trafficking prevented in Romania.